MAMI Chooses Qube for Movie Distribution

Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI) which organises India’s leading film festival has partnered with Qube Cinema for the Jio MAMI 20th Mumbai Film Festival with Star. Qube Wire is the technical partner for the festival. Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival with Star is Asia’s biggest film festival that brings together renowned film talent from all over the world converging with the Indian industry from across the country in Mumbai. MAMI was founded in 1997 by renowned film professionals from the Indian Film Industry to create an annual international film festival in India that brings the best of cinema to the audience. This edition of the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival with Star will celebrate its 20th-year milestone. Apart from the festival, the academy curates and runs a unique Year-Round Programme that sustains conversations around cinema throughout the year and makes cutting-edge cinema from India and across the world available to the audience year-round.

At Jio MAMI with Star, the emphasis has always been on presenting a filmmaker’s vision as intended by them. The festival only showcases DCPs and gives the utmost importance to ensuring that the technicals of each screening adhere to the highest global standards. “Qube Cinema has been working with the festival to further our vision of being a truly world-class festival. With over 220 films screening at the festival in over 18 screens, the logistics behind the process of screening a film with all the technicals in place are vast. We are thrilled to collaborate again for this edition with Qube Cinema.” said Anupama Chopra, Festival Director of MAMI.” MAMI is partnering with Qube Cinema for the 8th consecutive year. This year Qube Wire has proven to be a great solution and will help eliminate the pain of managing the content and keys for a number of movies. Filmmakers from many countries take advantage of Qube Wire to eliminate their logistical nightmares.” said Sharmila Vasudevan, Regional Marketing Head of Qube Cinema.

With the Qube Wire service, the process of physical Digital Cinema Package (DCP) transportation for a film festival has now been enabled online. Qube Wire will also manage the DCPs and Key Delivery Messages (KDMs) of all film screenings during the 20th edition of this prestigious film festival. The dedicated festival module in Qube Wire will eliminate the risk of drive failures and corrupted content associated with physical delivery and storage. The Qube Wire cloud platform acts as a central hub for all content, transforming the distribution process and ensuring that KDMs are always targeted to the correct screen devices. The Qube Wire service is now available across 134 countries for delivery of movie content. The territories where Qube Wire content delivery services, are now available to include major regions of the world in both developing and mature markets, from Southeast Asia to Africa to Europe and the Americas.

Qube Cinema has added new features to the Qube Wire platform to simplify the digital cinema distribution workflow. The new features include broadband and satellite delivery to theatres, Wire Safe, SMPTE FLM format support and an interesting data visualisation feature, what’s-on-Wire (WOW). Qube Wire has been the distribution partner of many prestigious international film festivals across the world. The prominent film festivals include the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, New York Indian Film Festival, MAMI Film Festival and International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa.

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