Cinemark Begins Remodel of Movies 12 in IA with Luxury Lounger Recliners

Cinemark Holdings, Inc, a leader in the motion picture exhibition industry, has begun remodeling the Cinemark Movies 12 theatre. The renovation and upgrade will include adding Luxury Lounger reclining seats to all auditoriums. Cinemark Luxury Loungers are electric-powered, plush, oversize lounge chairs with footrests and cup holders. The seating conversion and enhancements to the theatre, conveniently located at 1317 Buckeye Ave. in Ames, IA, is scheduled to be completed by mid-January 2018.

Cinemark has developed multiple channels that focus on guest engagement and enhance the movie-going experience. Guests are invited to: Download the Cinemark app to view show times and purchase tickets on the go; Join Connections, Cinemark’s Loyalty Program, rewarding loyal guests with discounted concessions, digital downloads, movie upgrades, physical movie swag and more; and turn on CineMode via the Cinemark app and earn rewards for being courteous during movies.

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