China Re-Opens 500+ Cinemas as Coronavirus Cases Ease, Movie going Slight!

As the number of new cases of the coronavirus shows signs of abating in China, a smattering of cinemas re-opened in a handful of provinces across the country this weekend. Those 500 screens, as sources suggest, ultimately represent less than 5% of all cinemas in China. And it’s perhaps no surprise that Chinese moviegoers are still largely avoiding theatres, likely still shaken by the way this highly contagious virus spread rapidly throughout the country and the world. The theatres were opened in five provinces: Xinjiang, Shangdong, Sichuan, Fujian, and Guangdong. According to sources, there are 1000 screens more to open further mostly to have the re-releases running continuously. These small steps to get China back up and running come at a time when the rest of the world’s movie theaters are essentially all closed for business.

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