Volfoni Becomes KinoMax Provider of 3D System in Partnership with Nevafilm

Volfoni, the globally known French 3D equipment specialist, announced a partnership with Nevafilm, the leading Russian cinema integrators and the leading Russian cinema exhibitor KinoMax. The new high-end multiplex to be opened by KinoMax, which will be opened in the nearest time, will be equipped with Volfoni’s 3D system. This partnership is opening a way for a long cooperation between companies.

“We know Volfoni for a long time now. Their long-term activity in the Russian market has allowed for the necessary trust to create this partnership. It will ultimately benefit the audience with brighter 3D projections,” says Dmitry Nartov, CEO of KinoMax.

To adapt to the large variety of KinoMax’ installations, Volfoni provides a 3D one-stop shopping. For the larger screens, installations will be made with the innovative SmartCrystal Diamond powered by the patented compact triple beam technology. This system provides best-in-class light efficiency with NOC integration and energy savings. Already over 1000 have actually been installed. For other screens the brand new SmartCrystal Cinema Neo, will be used. These systems are made in Europe and are as competitively priced as low costs me-too providers.

“Volfoni is a partner that can provide a solution for any projection situation without compromising on quality. Their 3D know-how and their flexibility are key for us as an integrator in order provide top-class service to KinoMax, one of the largest Russian Cinema chains.” Explains Oleg Berezin, CEO of Nevafilm

“We are extremely proud and honoured by the trust expressed by our partners KinoMax and Nevafilm. They are shaping today’s cinema exhibition in Russia.” says Alain Chamaillard, Managing Director, EMEA & CIS at Volfoni. “We share a common dedication to high quality technology that will provide stunning film experience to the audience “.

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