Village Cinemas Launches Australia’s First 4DX Cinema

The 4DX cinema concept uses a combination of effects such as chair motion, vibration, scents, water, wind, lighting effects, and fog to create an immersive cinema experience never seen before in Australia.

Hive Creative was tasked with producing launch and pre-launch creative, plus strategic development of the Village Cinemas/4DX collaborative brand to position it as a memorable, shared cinema experience and the front-runner in innovative cinema technology in Australia.

Filmed in front of a green screen and complete with fighter pilot suits, a wind machine and real Village Cinemas customers thanks to, the 4DX TVC succinctly represents the best features of the 4DX experience and the cinema-goer’s ability to truly ‘feel the film’.

Michael Cain, senior creative at Hive Creative, said: “Our aim was to capture the energy, excitement and emotion that 4DX adds to films and show customers just how immersive the experience really is.

“We wanted to take them on the 4DX thrill ride using a volatile mix of high tech effects, old school techniques, custom sound design and, most importantly, fun.”

Dav Motee, business director at Hive Creative, added: “Our team have done a great job showcasing the 4D entertainment technology. Village Cinemas have a long history in innovation, and that’s not going to change moving forward.

“As their agency, we feel it’s our responsibility to support new ideas, concepts and techniques to advertise and communicate these great offerings. 4DX is just one of many brands that you can now experience only at Village Cinemas.”

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