USL, Inc. Announces the DAX-16N Compatible with Dolby Atmos

Ultra Stereo Labs introduces the new DAX-16N, a digital to analog audio convertor with a BLU link interface. The BLU link interface is now approved by Harman International Industries and is compatible with Dolby Atmos. The DAX- 16N was on display, along with many other USL cinema products, at the ShowEast convention, October 27-30, at the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood, Florida.

The DAX-16 converts digital audio to analog for standard cinema amplifiers and is ideal for a cinema auditorium with behind-the-screen amps, often used in boothless cinemas. Features include remote monitoring of the outputs and amplifier returns with streaming audio on a web browser. Remote bar graphs display the output levels and amplifier returns for all channels. The GUI configuration can route any input to any output and the levels are fully adjustable

The outputs are on DE-15F (HD-15) connectors and drive the amplifiers directly. Configuration data can be saved to an SD card for portability and back-up. The front panel also has “signal present” LEDs on all outputs.
The DAX-16 is available in two versions. The DAX-16N accepts digital audio from a BLU link source such as the Dolby CP850. The DAX-16S accepts AES/EBU digital audio (16 channels on two RJ45 connectors).

“The new DAX-16 fills out our D to A convertor product line. The series includes the DAX-202, DAX-602 and the DAX-802. Along with these three D to A convertors, all three of the JSD series audio processors have full D to A functionality,” stated Tom Atkison, USL’s Production Manager. “The inclusion of the new DAX-16 brings our D to A product line up to six different versions, giving our cinema customers a wide selection to choose from.”
With the DAX-16, USL, Inc. continues to bolster its already extensive collection of digital cinema product offerings with advanced digital audio processors, monitors, crossovers, accessibility solutions, and test equipment. USL has delivered more than 33 years of pioneering technical advancements for the motion picture industry, and is the 2013 recipient of the prestigious International Cinema Technology Association’s Manufacturer of the Year award.

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