Tim Richards Joins Qiddiya

Qiddiya, the entertainment, sport and cultural destination on the edge of Riyadh, today announced the formation of its global Advisory Board. The expert Advisory Board, made up of twelve expert advisors, will be a core part of supporting Qiddiya, which will attract 17 million visitors and employ some 60,000 people over the next decade. Qiddiya is a core part of Vision 2030’s aspiration to diversify the Saudi Arabian economy and enable wider societal transformation. The advisors come from across themed entertainment, hospitality, grassroots and elite sports, adventure and motor activities, culture and the arts. They also bring a special insight from the worlds of planning and design, finance, regulation, and commercial real estate development.

Qiddiya, Saudi Arabia’s Future Entertainment, Sport and Cultural Destination, Announces a Global Advisory Board.

• Twelve leading experts from around the world to advise Qiddiya, the 334-square-km entertainment, sports and cultural destination on the outskirts of Riyadh.
• The Advisory Board is made up of the best of international experience from business, academia and the NGO community to support Qiddiya’s 300 activities.
• Advisory Board to boost Qiddiya’s visibility with collaborators and investors, and offer ongoing insights and advice from global perspectives.

“I am honoured to have been asked to join such an impressive and talented group of industry leading experts from around the world to assist in the development of one of the most significant projects in the Middle East. Qiddiya, is a core element of HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz’s strategic vision for the Kingdom’s future. The development of this world class, ambitious entertainment, sport and cultural destination is a huge moment in the history of Saudi Arabia and in the history of global cinema development for the exhibition industry.” says Tim Richards, Founder and CEO Vue International. Michael Reininger, Chief Executive Officer of Qiddiya, commented on the value the Advisory Board brings to the project: “Qiddiya is meant to be a living concept that activates and inspires the young people of Saudi Arabia through a broad spectrum of new experiences and opportunities for their lifestyles and their professional endeavours. Through these efforts, we hope to help grow tomorrow’s national heroes. By bringing together luminaries from so many sectors, we seek to inspire our own long-term vision and to inform our efforts, enabling business decisions bolstered by the very best international insight and experience.” Reininger went on to note: ‘This is a project conceived on an unprecedented scale; it will not just be a physical construct, but a vision that is powered by people. We need both the practical experiences and blue-sky perspectives from expertise outside of the daily pursuit of our mission to build something of current relevance and enduring potential. Our Advisory Board will be a vital source of inspiration, provocation and evaluation.’ Almamoun Alshingiti, Qiddiya’s official spokesperson emphasized that the Advisory Board offers a unique skillset. ‘Not only will Qiddiya’s impact as a destination be increased by the skills of Advisory Board members, but the project’s ability to influence several socio-economic issues will be too.

‘Alshingiti went on to note:
‘The collective experience of the Advisory Board will enhance the project’s role in economic diversification, public health issues, urban development, youth skills, entrepreneurship and female empowerment; all areas that will prove critical to the enduring legacy of the project in its transformative role in Saudi society.’ The business underpinnings of Qiddiya seek a market share of the $30 billion spent annually by Saudis on foreign tourism and to increase domestic spending within KSA on culture and entertainment $17 billion by 2030, from 3% to 6% of current household income. In this way, the Advisory Board will help to fulfil key goals set forward in Vision 2030. Initial areas for the Advisory Board’s attention include assessing the strategic vision of the project and the master plan and design for Qiddiya, as well as the development of the project’s overall brand and positioning.

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