Severtson Announces New Cinema Projection Screens

A leader in the cinema, home theatre, and Pro-AV screen industry, Severtson Corporation has a history of creating cutting edge, top-quality projection screens for their customers. Today, on this USA day of pranks and jokes known as “April Fools’ Day,” Severtson is once again announcing the creation of a new product line that expands projection screens to the next level: self-healing, stretchable screens. Made out of bubble gum-like PVC vinyl, Severtsons’ revolutionary stretchable screen not only can be pulled to fit any home theatre or auditorium, it also comes with another Severtson innovation: Self-Healing Properties! Regeneration abilities which enable damaged screens to self-heal back to their original state.

The idea for stretchable screens came about at Severtson’s corporate offices as Kirk Severtson, technology genius and projection screen guru, accidentally dropped his chewing gum into a batch of vinyl resin. Kirk practically burst seeing the benefit, and began expanding on this new innovation. He chewed on the idea for quite some time before he started to bounce ideas off the Severtson Screen employees. Everyone believed it to be a long-stretch at first, but with the right consistency of bubble-gum and PVC resin, the new screen popped into reality!

Dan Maxwell, VP of Severtson’s Cinema Screen division commented, “The immediately noticeable benefit is the very pleasant bubble gum aroma that comes from the screens. Our production team also enjoys its gummy consistency which completely eliminates the need for seams on large projection screens!”

One employee, Brandon MacKendrick, at first thought these stretching screens were a bunch of hubba-bubba, but after seeing them remarked that they reminded him of the Stretch-Arm toys of his demented childhood. But the unexpected benefit which surprised everyone is the new material’s amazing self-healing properties similar to that also observed when kids play with and re-shape their bubblegum.

Severtson Screens has been quickly chomping away at perfecting and producing these screens before the idea pops into competitors’ minds or the projection screen economic bubble bursts! Not only are the screens incredibly stretchy, with amazing self-healing properties, but they also come with all of Severtson Screen’s standard coatings and perforation combinations. Plus, the amazing stretchiness of these screens absolutely negates the need for folding, the very innovation Severtson Screens has become known for throughout the industry. With this new screen technology, Severtson can easily send a one-size-fits-all stretchy screen in a single-stamped envelope, which will expand to fit practically any frame size of auditoriums.

Stretchy screens are the perfect solution for any size job. They fit perfectly in home theatre screen frames, commercial implementations, and cinema stages. They are also highly portable, since they can be stretched to fit any space, and will return to their original size once they are allowed to relax. “We’ve learned to not use very heavy electric screen weight bars when using the new stretchable material. The screens just keeps stretching!” said Aaron White, National Director of Severtson’s Home Theatre & Commercial division.

Large cinema installers have also commented about these amazing screens and how easy they are to stretch on to any cinema-sized frame. And theatre owners are just thrilled now that screen damages due to cleaning or vandalism are as easy to fix as merely stretching the material’s damaged edges and pinching them together – within moments it’s as if there was never an issue with the screen at all!

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