Qube Cinema Launches Epiq and Cheers

Qube Cinema launched Epiq, a Premium Large Format offering at Big Cine Expo 2017. Epiq uses high contrast RGB laser projection on a screen with a 1.89 aspect ratio and immersive sound. Content for Epiq will be mastered in 4K resolution and specially graded for high contrast projection.

Every aspect of the Epiq cinema, from its stadium seating and viewing angles to its acoustics and lighting is designed to enhance the movie experience and ensure that every seat is a perfect seat. The Epiq Premium Large Format could be the key to revenue growth in cinemas as technology continues to change the movie going experience.
“Globally the market for PLF continues to grow. The total number of PLF screens has exceeded 2,500 worldwide. The PLF market in India is at a nascent stage and is expected to grow quickly. With Epiq, Qube Cinema will provide exhibitors and filmmakers an opportunity to create a far superior theatrical experience, thus driving greater traffic to theatres, and we will do this at a very reasonable cost,” said Harsh Rohatgi, President of Qube Cinema Technologies.

The other highlights at the Qube Cinema Booth at Big Cine Expo included Justickets and Cheers.

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