QSC Launches New SB-2180 Compact Subwoofer

At ShowEast 2015, QSC introduced the latest in its line of compact, space-saving subwoofers. The new QSC SB-2180 subwoofer is the thinnest dual 18 inch subwoofer on the market. Each driver is loaded into its own internal chamber. An ingenious folded port design minimizes cabinet depth, yet still provides full port volume. The port also acts as internal bracing, creating a stiffer, less resonant cabinet. All of this allows the enclosure to be at least 20% thinner than any other dual 18″ subwoofer you can buy, occupying up to 40% less floor space in your theatre. In a multi-theatre complex, that extra square footage translates into more revenue-generating seating or concession space. And, you can stack four on a shipping pallet, significantly reducing freight costs.
“Conventional thinking says that subwoofers must be large, refrigerator-sized enclosures,” says Barry Ferrell, head of the QSC Cinema group and Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer for the company. “While it’s true that you need to move a lot of air to make bass, with smart design you can minimize box size and still create the port length and tuning you need for very low frequencies common in today’s digital cinema soundtracks.”
The SB-2180 is tuned to 29 Hz, has a power rating of 1200 watts. Beside outstanding very low frequency performance and the installation features typical of all QSC Cinema products, a key design goal was to reduce customer’s freight expense by maximizing the use of shipping pallets.
“Large subwoofers often occupy an entire shipping pallet, or which wastes space in shipping containers and trucks,” explains Ferrell. “The SB-2180 was designed to fit four loudspeakers on a pallet including its shipping carton. This means lower freight costs and less handling costs during shipping and on the job site.”

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