MasterImage’s High-Brightness HORIZON3D Cinema System Receives 2014 Technology Award

The International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society honoured 19 companies and organisations for “Advancing the Entertainment Industry through Technology,” during the Society’s 5th Annual Entertainment Technology and New Product Awards ceremony held at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood.

MasterImage 3D was honoured with the Society’s Lumiere statuette for its high-brightness HORIZON3D digital cinema system. The HORIZON3D is the latest in MasterImage 3D’s line of premium cinema systems. This innovative three-beam light-recycling system achieves industry-leading brightness and colour fidelity as the first system to reach light-efficiency levels of 33%.

The HORIZON3D’s distinctive optical configuration accommodates contemporary auditoriums with wider screens and more immersive, stadium seating. The result is capabilities of a 0.8 throw-ratio (exhibitor measurement for distance from lens to screen divided by the width of the image).

“As a founding member of the Society in 2009, MasterImage 3D continues to champion the 3D market and advance 3D cinema technologies,” said Society President Jim Chabin. “We are proud to recognise the HORIZON3D system as the latest chapter in this tradition.”

“The Society’s Technology Awards are a milestone for how advanced imaging companies innovate immersive visual experiences,” said Younghoon Lee, Chairman and CEO of MasterImage 3D. “It is an honour to be a part of the Society and community of companies and organisation that are passionate about making 3D movies a more and more enjoyable activity.”

This is the third year MasterImage 3D has received a Lumiere Award. Last year the company was recognised for their CellMatrix3D technology for autostereoscopic (glass-free) 3D optics for 3D mobile devices. MasterImage 3D was first acknowledged for their original MI-2100 digital 3D cinema system which went on to be their flagship MI-CLARITY3D line.

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