Major Cineplex Creates New Experiences

Major Cineplex paves the way for the movie theater business to move to the next level. With the opening of movie tickets through Facebook is the only place in Thailand. “Facebook” has become the first major social media channel in Thailand to quickly and easily find the news of their interest. While the technology of the world changed. The process of buying movie tickets at the cinema is quite time consuming. And not in line with the digital era is changing in the present day. Making a movie ticket through Facebook has become a new channel. And can be done simultaneously. With social play “Major Cineplex” has become part of the store on Facebook. This is the first time in Thailand that the combination of film and Facebook together. This will make the user. Easier access to movies. And to check the show. Buy movie tickets at major movie theaters all around you right away.

Just press the “Movies” button at the top of the Facebook application screen. You will be able to find the movie you want to watch and preview the movie. Browse nearby major movie theaters to get tickets and buy tickets right away without leaving Facebook.

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