Is this the Future of Cinema Viewing?

Galalite, one of the leading manufacturers of cinema screens in the world has recently created a lot of buzz across the social media universe. What we believe is that they are coming up with a cinema screen that is soon going to revolutionize the movie viewing experience across the world.
If rumors are to be believed, then these new screens are going to bring a whole new world of technology. We still don’t know whether the screens will be white, pearl or silver, or whether they’ll be tailored for laser and other technologically advanced digital content.
An expert from Galalite shared with us, that these new screens will make way for the fourth generation of revolutionary technology in cinema screens. They’ll deliver excellent light uniformity and a surface finish like no other. He also mentioned that even though Galalite isn’t the first one to introduce these types of screens in the market, but they are confident that once these screens are launched, they will be the best in cinema screens.
Wait till October to find out if Galalite’s latest screen changes the face of cinema viewing experiences for once and for ever.

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