Inox Selected GDC to Supply Ushio Lamps

GDC Technology Limited, a leading global provider of digital cinema solutions, today announced it has signed a three-year agreement with Inox Leisure Ltd (Inox Cinemas), one of India’s leading multiplex chain to supply Ushio lamps. The agreement, which became effective in January 2018, covers supplying Ushio lamps for all Inox screens through 2020. Inox selected Ushio, one of the largest suppliers of specialty and general illumination lamps in the world for the company’s continued technology innovations and wide range of reliable products. GDC, an authorized dealer for Ushio in India, will work closely with Inox to help select the best lamps to ensure bright and precise images are projected onto the cinema screen. Inox cinemas have redefined movie experiences. They are best known for their state-of-the-art facilities in terms of modern projection and acoustic systems, distinct architecture and aesthetics, plush micro adjustable leather recliners, gourmet meal choices curated by Masterchef Vicky Ratnani, bespoke staff uniforms by celebrity designer- Arjun Khanna, hassle free ticketing and most importantly high service standards upheld by a young and vibrant operations team. Alok Tandon, CEO Inox Leisure Ltd says, “Inox has changed the way cinema is consumed across the country with its 7-star offerings. We believe in giving the best in terms of projection, audio and service. Comfort and Luxury is at the core and all our partnerships are basis considering all these factors. We have used and been completely satisfied with the quality of Ushio lamps for several years. This agreement solidifies our trust in the Ushio and GDC brands. We selected Ushio lamps for the entire Inox circuit for the unparalleled quality and continual innovations to ensure our audiences see the best image possible.” “Inox is a valued partner to GDC, said Dr. Man-Nang Chong, founder, chairman and CEO of GDC Technology Limited. By selecting Ushio lamps, Inox Cinemas will be able to project bright, vibrant images that meet the industry standard, ensuring their audiences enjoy the best possible visual experience.”

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