Harkness Screens Leads Way with Screen Deployments for Laser Projection

Harkness Screens, the world’s leading screen technology company continues to set the standard for cinema screens suitable for laser projection both phosphor and RGB. With its premium screen brands, Clarus XC and Perlux Digital supporting the roll-out of laser projection technology across the world.

Some of its recent laser screen projects have included:
• Cineplex Southbank, Australia – Clarus XC 220 with Barco Flagship RGB projector
• Vox Cinemas Deira City Centre, UAE – Perlux Digital 140 – Christie 6P projector
• Hoyts Cinema, Australia – Clarus XC 170 with Christie 9P projector
• Odeon Cines, Spain – Clarus XC 170 with Christie 9P projector
• Oostende Film Festival, Belgium – Matt Plus with Barco Flagship projector
• NuMetro Canal Walk, South Africa – Clarus XC 170 with Barco Flagship RGB Laser projector
• Cinema Megerama, France and Morocco – Clarus XC 170 and Barco Flagship RGB
• Haugesund Film Festival, Norway – Clarus XC 170 and Barco Flagship RGB projector
• Megabox Hanan, Korea – Clarus XC 270 and Barco Flagship RGB projector
• CineAsia, Hong Kong – Clarus XC 170 and Barco Flagship RGB projector

Commenting on the opening of the new Vox Cinemas Deira City Centre, Mark Smith, Technical Director said, “This is one auditorium that makes you want to watch whatever is showing because of the amazing presentation quality. It boasts a 31 metre Perlux Digital 140 screen that comfortably meets DCI specifications for 2D and laser 6P 3D that provides amazing 3D images at 14fL.”

As well as boasting wide viewing angles, vivid image quality, depth of field and providing a more immersive viewing experience, both Clarus XC and Perlux Digital technology benefit from the lowest speckle contrast ratios of coated screens available making them suitable for laser projection.

“Boasting the largest widescreen format screen produced for Australia the Harkness Clarus XC 220 screen enables the Barco DP4K60L Laser Projector to perform at its best displaying stunning 2D and 3D images. Southbank Cinema 5 offers Cineplex audiences the best movie experience with a real WOW factor”, says Cineplex CEO and founder
Mr. Leo Catalano.

Aligned to the visual benefits of Clarus XC and Perlux Digital technology, all of Harkness’ screens feature the 4K Digital Perforation Pattern designed to reduce Moiré fringing, significantly increase light reflectance into cinema auditoriums compared to Harkness’ providing a brighter and better quality viewing experience and improve sound transmission in the spoken range.

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