GDC’s Next-Generation Standalone Integrated Media Block (SX-4000 Standalone IMB)

GDC Technology’s next-generation SX-4000 Standalone Integrated Media Block (IMB) is designed to future-proof today’s digital cinema.
It is the first and, currently,the only IMB designed to adhere to SMPTE’s new”Digital Sync Signal and Aux Data Transfer Protocol” standard
(ST 430-14:2015) – a newly adopted standard that defines how auxiliary data between the digital cinema server and external devices like motion systems and immersive sound processors are synchronized. This integral feature enables the SX-4000 IMB to be plug-and-play compatible with future technologies that conform to this SMPTE standard. In addition, GDC’s scalable architecture is designed to meet the requirements of the upcoming SMPTE TC-25CSS cinema sound standard.
The next-generation powerful audio processing capabilitiesof the SX-4000 allow it to have a build-in decoder for DTS:X immersive sound format. GDC has rich experience in manufacturing immersive sound processors; in 2011 GDC designed and manufactured IMM Sound’s immersive sound processors licensed from Barcelona, Spain. IMM Sound enabled cinemas using GDC sound processorswere installed in China, Japan and Korea. IMM Sound was subsequently acquired by Dolby in 2012. SX-4000 can support up-to
32 channels of DTS:X decoding and is capable of delivering 16 discrete channels of immersive audio for any speaker layout while reserving two spare channels for other applications. Designed with the digital cinema of the future in mind, the SX-4000 IMB includes the innovative features below:
• Next-generation design and hardware which enables faster processing speed for handling tasks more quickly. This additional processing power opens options for advanced integration, theatre automation, and other value-add capabilities.
• Total 18 audio channels/outputs
• Ability to handle high-quality live streaming contents such as MPEG4, MPEG2 in 2D or 3D
• Faster I/O interface such as USB3.0 for faster content ingestion and “live play” from storage devices in emergency situations
• Additional Gigabit LAN port that can be used for dedicated ingest, theatre automation, and other external devices
• Up mix capability from 5.1/7.1 to 16 channels for alternative and pre-show contents
• Built-in full 16 channel immersive sound decoder for DTS:X (optional)
• Supports SMPTE’s new “Digital Sync Signal and Aux Data Transfer Protocol” standard
(ST 430-14:2015) (optional)

The GDC XSP-1000 is a 16-channel cinema processor specifically designed to handle object-based immersive audio formats (particularly DTS:X), while still being backwards compatible with 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound systems. It works in conjunction with the SX-4000 Standalone IMB to playback the highest quality and most demanding audio/visual presentations. The cinema processor can be controlled from any computer running Windows operating system allowing for easy operation and integration with most theatre management systems. The unit features low noise digital processing (up to 96 kHz sample rate) which ensures superb audio fidelity as well as bi-amp and tri-amp crossovers support of up to five screen channels plus individual parametric equalization on one to three LFE outputs.
“We designed the SX-4000 Standalone IMB and XSP-1000 Cinema Processor to be used together as an affordable solution for every cinema in the world. The pair of products not only handles demanding visual formats such as HFR 3D, but can also playback immersive audio formats such as DTS:X with its 16 full-channel DTS:X processing capabilities. By seamlessly integrating with other devices that meet the new SMPTE standard for auxiliary data synchronization and by not requiring additional equipment such as an external immersive sound decoder or external file server, the combined products simplify operations and integration. GDC has focused solely on future-proofing cinema operations for exhibitors and, simply put, this combination represents the best, most versatile solution in our 15 year history.” Dr. Man Nang Chong, founder, chairman and CEO of
GDC Technology.

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