GDC Technology Appoints Reiner Doetzkies

GDC Technology Limited (“GDC Technology”), a world-leading digital cinema solutions provider, announced that Reiner Doetzkies joined the company on June 1 as Vice President of Technology Development, Worldwide.
In his new role, Doetzkies will be responsible for contributing to GDC Technology’s product and technology development. In addition, he will set goals and benchmarks for the company’s product development, product maintenance and quality.
Doetzkies joins from Texas Instruments, where he has been Director of Technology and with DLP Cinema since 1998. In that role he was responsible for ensuring DLP Cinema projection technology met the global standards for interoperability – guaranteeing that any DCI-compliant content could be played anywhere in the world on electronic systems developed to provide security for the intellectual property of the content providers. Prior to this he was a System Engineer for Hewlett Packard (formerly EDS), where he was responsible for the development of digital satellite communication systems.
Doetzkies has worked in the cinematic industry for over 15 years and has a keen understanding of and insight into the most advanced systems and technology which have facilitated the sector’s development. He was the winner of a 2014 Academy Scientific and Technical Achievement Award (Academy Certificate) for the implementation of engineering in the development of Texas Instruments’ DLP Cinema digital projection technology.
“I’m extremely excited to join the GDC development team,” said Doetzkies. “Dr Chong and the organization have been committed to developing best-in-class solutions for the last 15 years. I’m looking forward to contributing to the continuing development of products designed to advance the cinema industry.”
Dr Man-Nang Chong, GDC Technology’s founder, chairman, and CEO, added: “We are very fortunate that Reiner is joining the company. He brings a wealth of experience in digital cinema technology, technological advancement and global security standards which can help GDC Technology to maintain its leadership in the industry and also in the global market.”

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