GDC Technology and DTS Named Presenting Sponsor of CineAsia

New York, NY (Nov 5, 2017). GDC Technology Limited along with their partner DTS, a subsidiary of Xperi Corporation, have partnered with the Film Expo Group to become the Presenting Sponsor of CineAsia 2017.

“Innovation equates to acting in that you have to transform often. Our industry is currently going through a stage of significant transformation. From the beginning, GDC has continually provided breakthrough solutions for the industry to capitalize on the automated digital world. With our DNA to innovate, GDC is here to support our business associates, partners and customers at a time of change with new ideas and products,” said Man-Nang Chong, founder, chairman and CEO of GDC. “Through the platform CineAsia provides, and in association with our partners, DTS and the Film Expo Group, GDC is able to showcase innovations and demonstrate our determination to continue growing with the industry both regionally and globally. GDC is honoured, along with DTS, to once again be the Official Sponsor of CineAsia.”

GDC Technology Limited is a leading digital cinema solutions provider that develops, manufactures and sells media servers, content storage systems, theatre management systems and network operations center software for the global cinema industry. GDC is a licensee of DTS:X object-based immersive sound technology from DTS for the development of its media servers. In addition, GDC also provides a suite of digital cinema products and services, including integrated projection systems, 3D products, projector lamps and silver screens. GDC Digital Cinema Network Limited, a GDC subsidiary, manages VPF for over 6,300 theatre screens and with more than 650 studios or motion picture distributors worldwide.

“We are proud to align with GDC to support CineAsia and to broaden cinematic innovation throughout the region. DTS changed the industry in 1993 with advanced audio technologies and a promise to deliver the best experience for moviegoers everywhere,” said Jon Kirchner, CEO of Xperi. “Twenty-four years later, we continue to innovate, and through our partnership with GDC we continue to fulfill that promise as DTS:X immersive audio technology rapidly expands throughout Asia, an important market for DTS and the film industry as a whole.”

“Having the opportunity to partner with technology giants like GDC and DTS at CineAsia 2017 is very exciting for us. We are confident this continued partnership will help the development of cinematic technologies expand throughout the region,” said Andrew Sunshine, President of The Film Expo Group.

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