GDC IMB Enables First-ever Showing of 4K 3D @120fps

Ang Lee’s 4K/3D/120fps movie ‘Gemini Man’ was shown at the world premiere in Los Angeles as Lee intended with the CINITY SYSTEM, a new HFR cinema projection system co-developed by GDC and Christie for Huaxia Film Distribution. The CINITY SYSTEM integrates GDC’s SR-6400C, the world’s first ultra-reliable IMB with FAST that is capable of playing content up to 4K@120fps; 4K@240fps in 3D mode. 

In addition to the SR-6400C, GDC introduced another HFR 4K 3D IMB with FAST, the SR-5400 that is capable of playback up 4K@60fps. The SR-5400 IMB is compatible with the latest generation of projectors from Barco, Christie and NEC. 

Both SR-6400C & SR-5400 are designed for 100,000 hours MTBF and offers CineCache (built-in cache memory) that content playback can be performed without the need of local HDD storage.

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