Galalite Introduces “Screen of Tomorrow”

Leading cinema screen technology company, Galalite, recently unveiled its marketing campaign for 2017, named “Screen of Tomorrow”.

The campaign focuses on one of the main components of Galalite’s success – futuristic innovation, and how it is changing the future of cinematic storytelling for the entire industry. The campaign tagline- “Galalite Screens – The future of movie viewing experience”, emphasises that what Galalite thinks today, others think tomorrow.

Galalite’s use of cutting edge technology enhances the movie viewing experience with screens specially designed to reduce hotspotting, increase gain, and provide the most life-like colours and effects. Unlike regular cinema screens, Galalite screens are treated with an innovative coating that prevents yellowing and is safe for the environment.

Speaking on the occasion, Yusuf S Galabhaiwala (Director of Operations) said, “At Galalite it has been our endeavour to provide the best viewing experience to moviegoers around the world, which is why we are constantly innovating our product and staying ahead of the trends. Our latest campaign showcases this love for innovation and how unlike our competition, we are already providing our customers the future of movie viewing experience today”.

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