First All-Laser Multiplex in North Caucasus All Set to Amaze Audience

Located in the Alania Mall in Vladikavkaz, Russia, Alania Cinema is a brand-new six-screen theatre that is dedicated to detail. From the lighting to the furniture’s exquisite upholstery and the beautifully decorated halls: every element is carefully chosen to evoke a comfortable and romantic atmosphere. In the screening rooms, Alania opted for Barco’s Smart Laser technology, offered by Cinionic-to create the best-possible viewing experience. Alania is the second all-laser multiplex in Russia, and the first in the North Caucasus region. “We partnered with Cinionic and selected Barco laser technology because of its unparalleled image definition and brightness,” explains Vadim Berdiev, the multiplex owner. “It makes even the smallest detail on the screen come to life: exactly what we envisioned for our audiences.” The Barco laser projectors were installed by Kinocomfort, which was also responsible for equipping Russia’s very first all-laser cinema in Kursk. To complement the spectacular screening technology, Alania also equipped its theatres with Barco Immersive Audio using the APX AuroMax spatial audio processor. With its 27 sound channels and three perception levels, the APX AuroMax processor immerses spectators into life-like audio. “It’s all part of our mission to move our visitors with an experience they can’t get anywhere else,” explains Vadim Berdiev. “Thanks to Cinionic, Barco and Kinocomfort, we have succeeded in doing just that.”

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