Eclair Masters its First Chinese Film in EclairColor

Eclair is pleased to announce the mastering of its first Chinese film DCP in EclairColor for the feature film Dying to Survive, directed by Wen Muye, a comedy-drama that may become this year’s top-grossing film in China. Grégoire Lesturgie, Colorist at Eclair, explains: “Working on color-grading for Dying to Survive, I got the chance to unleash EclairColor to its full potential: more details in the lightest and darkest points, more brightness, more luminosity and vibrant colors, especially in very contrasted shots such as landscape scenes or nightclub shots. The film mainly takes place in China, with a few scenes in India. It was fundamental to highlight the difference between the two, as the scenes in India have much warmer colors. The EclairColor technology allowed us to sublime the production’s artistic choices with greater contrast. The result is nothing short of impressive!”

The film was screened at the opening of the first EclairColor HDR auditorium in China as part of a new multiplex in the city of Rui’An, with cinema exhibitor Bestar Cinemas. The auditorium was equipped by Great Ocean, an EclairColor-certified Chinese cinema systems integrator. “We’re very excited to bring this innovative HDR technology to our new multiplex at the Wuyue shopping mall, marking a first in China,” declares Jiang Yuanxin, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Bestar Cinemas Management Co., Ltd. “EclairColor powered by Sony Digital Cinema delivers superior image quality to our audiences and brings more emotion to the giant screen while improving satisfaction ratings. As part of our master development strategy, we aim to open 50 STARX PLF auditoriums with EclairColor technology by 2021 as part of both our existing and new cinema complexes located across China.”

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