Cinionic & Landmark Cinemas to Establish New Visual Standards in Canada

Cinionic, the Barco, CGS, and ALPD cinema joint venture, setting the industry’s new visual standard, complemented by enhanced services and technology solutions, and Landmark Cinemas Canada LP, will launch the exhibitor’s first all-laser theatre in September 2019 with the opening of the company’s new, all recliner seating theatre at Aurora, Regina’s newest regional retail center. With Landmark’s installation of Barco Smart Laser projection in all eight of this new theatre’s auditoriums, Cinionic continues to play an integral role in supporting the Canadian exhibitor’s commitment to elevate the moviegoing experience. This new collaboration will provide moviegoers with the exceptional projection quality of Barco Smart Laser projection delivering bright, clear images and an incredible sense of immersion, and Landmark’s luxury recliner seating in a full-stadium configuration, to create an unsurpassed moviegoing experience. Landmark’s first all-laser theatre complex follows the introduction of the Barco-powered Laser Ultra experience in April of 2019 at the company’s Shawnessy theatre located in Calgary, Alberta.

“Landmark Cinemas and Cinionic are working together to bring both innovative design and projection solutions to keep moviegoers coming back for more,” said Wim Buyens, CEO Cinionic. “Our continued relationship with Landmark Cinemas builds upon our momentum to set a new visual standard with laser projection and deliver the best new build and renewal solutions to our cinema exhibition partners.” “We are committed to providing an exceptional moviegoing experience,” said Bill Walker, CEO Landmark Cinemas, “and the combination of the unsurpassed visual presentation delivered by Barco Smart Laser projection, and the comfort of a powered recliner seat, will truly transform the moviegoing experience of movie lovers across Regina, and the city’s surrounding communities.”

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