Cinemark Partners with THX to Certify XD Auditoriums

Cinemark Holdings, Inc, a leader in the motion picture exhibition industry, has aligned with THX, renowned as the guarantor of best-in-class cinemas and consumer electronics, to certify Cinemark’s private-label premium large format XD auditoriums. THX certification will ensure XD auditoriums offer a superior audiovisual experience for moviegoers and provide an unparalleled entertainment environment.

Cinemark operates more than 225 XD auditoriums throughout the US and South and Central America, offering audiences the highest quality movie-going experience, including:
• Enormous wall-to-wall screens
• Crisp, clear digital projection, with 2D and 3D capabilities
• Immersive, surround sound audio systems that enable customers to hear the movies as the filmmakers intended
• Premium seats with Luxury Lounger electric recliners in many auditoriums
• THX optimized auditorium design

The certification process has already commenced and should be fully complete within the next 12 months.

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