Arts Alliance Media Opens Operations in China

Arts Alliance Media (AAM) today announced the start of operations in mainland China, with the establishment of a legal entity and the opening of a new office in the country.
AAM China will initially undertake sales, marketing and some localisation-driven development work. By the year-end, it is planned that a full-service Network Operations Centre (NOC) will be established to provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support to all customers in the Chinese market.

The NOC will be the first centre outside the UK and will be followed by a similar centre in the US, to better enable the delivery of an effective 24/7 support infrastructure to customers wherever in the world they are.

Pat Foley, CEO at AAM commented, “The news that this year, so far, the Chinese box office has outperformed that of the US, is remarkable. However, considering how relatively new cinema is to the Chinese market, makes this result quite staggering. The scale and speed of growth in China are unparalleled and makes it a key market for any supplier to the cinema industry.”

“That said, China presents its own range of challenges and nuances that any supplier needs to address in order to be successful,” Foley continues. “Unencumbered by the long history of cinema, Chinese exhibitors are significantly more open to digital technology and more demanding in what they expect their solutions to deliver. To ensure that our products deliver significant value, it is imperative that we have an active presence in the Chinese marketplace.”

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