Arts Alliance Media and Motion Picture Solutions Join Hands to Provide Global Content E-delivery

Arts Alliance Media (AAM) and Motion Picture Solutions (MPS) finally announce on signing a strategic co-operation agreement which will see AAM collaborate with MPS and its invested partner Gofilex on a global content e-delivery solution. Motion Picture Solutions (MPS) has more than 15 years’ experience delivering content localisation, mastering, distribution and key generation services to leading distributors, while AAM –
the global leader in cinema software solutions – has been supporting digital cinema technology and driving innovation in automation and centralisation of theatre operations for the past 16 years. Together, AAM and MPS can leverage their existing relationships with studios and independent distributors, as well as their significant global base of installed sites, to offer exhibitors an efficient, cost-effective, content e-delivery solution powered by Netherlands-based Gofilex. AAM will, with support from MPS and Gofilex, integrate into its world-class Theatre Management System, Screenwriter, Gofilex’s secure, reliable e-delivery solution, offering a turn-key solution for receipt of content. Working together, these connected parties will roll out a global solution leveraging AAM’s existing estate, expanding their collective global reach to more than 35 countries.
Screenwriter is the most powerful, flexible, and widely deployed TMS in the world, and helps cinemas manage millions of screenings across more than 45,000 screens in over 2,500 locations worldwide every year. MPS and Gofilex, similarly, have more than 2,500 e-delivery locations across Europe that handle feature, trailer and advertising content. These extensive existing infrastructure systems will form the basis of the initial offering. “Connecting multiple data points along the path of a feature film’s release is essential at a time when the distributor/exhibitor relationship needs to be closer than ever,” noted Howard Kiedaisch, Head of International at AAM parent company Luxin Rio, “Together, MPS, Gofilex and AAM are uniquely positioned to drive this – as businesses, we can draw on distinct, but wholly complementary expertise and technologies that allow dynamic content delivery of feature films, trailers and advertising for an industry that is seeing rapid change in this area.”

“Our goal has always been to bring efficiency and value to a logistically diverse sector,” commented Matt Aspray, CEO of MPS, “Working in collaboration with incumbent distribution partners in local markets, we have already seen the benefits of utilising the Gofilex e-delivery solution. This agreement will bring clarity and a future-proof service to thousands of customers worldwide. We’ve enjoyed a close working relationship with AAM for many years, so it was natural that when looking for the best companies to collaborate with on a global scale we should turn to one we trust. Bringing AAM into this ‘better connected together’ alliance will help deliver the firepower exhibitors need to make truly dynamic content delivery to their screens a reality.”AAM, MPS and Gofilex plan to roll out a global electronic distribution network which, over the next 5 years, will extend its reach to more than 10,000 venues globally, and will continue to work with their distribution and exhibitor customers to devise the solutions that serve their needs.

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