Harkness Screens Unveils Updated Digital Screen Verifier App

Harkness Screens, the world’s leading screen technology company and thought-leaders in on-screen brightness, has launched an updated version of its ground-breaking cinema white light meter app for iPhone.
The new version now features a 5-point light reading option designed to allow measurements to be taken in accordance with the SMTPE/DCI guidelines for measuring light on cinema screens. The software has been designed to guide users through the process providing outputs as both light readings in foot lamberts (fL) and as a percentage of uniformity from centre to edge.

A low-cost, highly accurate light meter, the Digital Screen Verifier is a unique utility for iPhones that allows cinema engineers and exhibitors to ensure that brightness levels in digital cinema are regular checked and maintained. Quick and easy to use, this relatively accurate low-cost light measurement tool allows brightness readings to be taken (in foot lamberts) using white test patterns from a digital cinema projector.

“The Digital Screen Verifier has proved an enormous hit with the industry democratising brightness measurement to a larger group of people than previously possible due to the high barrier to entry of traditional light meters. We believe the Verifier, along with our other light measurement tools in our Curolux range are helping to improve presentation quality which can only be a good thing for movie-goers around the world,” says Richard Mitchell, VP Global Marketing & Commercial Development at Harkness Screens.

The ground-breaking technology at the heart of the Digital Screen Verifier allows light readings to be taken accurately to within +/-1fL. Its unique functionality not only allows for light readings to be taken but also to be directly imported into Harkness’ cloud-based Digital Screen Archiver tool in real-time to form a semi-automated entry-level solution for screen monitoring and auditorium maintenance.

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