COVID Maskless Solution with Wolf AirMask!

After a year-long wait, the theatres are finally operating, ushering in people to watch cinemas on the big screen again. But the scare of COVID 19 and the restrictions imposed to safeguard the public are still taking a huge toll on them. To help the entertainment sector, a team of scientists and innovators from All about Innovations have come up with a unique ion-based COVID solution, Wolf AirMask, a maskless solution that produces trillions of negative ions ambient air.

These negative ions discharged from the Airmask attach themselves to the positively charged S protein cells of Coronavirus and completely neutralize them. The ion generator discharges approx. 10-100 trillion electrons per second and effectively covers a 1000 sqft area. The core component of Wolf AirMask is imported from Denmark and the product is designed in India. Wolf AirMask is also winner of business mint nationwide awards for best COVID solution and MSME time to leap award for social innovation of the year 2020.

With 99.9% efficacy in neutralizing viruses and bacteria, Wolf AirMask provides real-time protection and a 24*7, 360-degree shield not just for the audience but for everything and anything inside the theatre, including the plush seats, theatre screens, and even the projector/equipment present in the room. Interestingly, unlike the regular air filters present in the market, this equipment doesn’t have any filters or discharge any harmful chemicals or UV rays. The product is CE certified, RoHS Compliant, and has been tested and approved by various NABL labs. Generated naturally in good numbers near the waterfalls, oceans etc, Negative ions are scientifically proven to have health benefits and act as liveliness enhancers.

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