Barco Bringing Laser Projection Technology Beyond Cinema to Rental and Staging

Barco represented at the NewBay Media Rental Staging Roadshow by Bill Beck “The Laser Guy,” who discussed the role of laser-illuminated projection for large entertainment venues as part of a panel discussion on next-generation video projection. The show took place on July 29, 2015 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City.
Barco is a leading manufacturer of large-venue projectors and the leader in laser-illuminated projection. Leveraging its early experience in digital cinema laser projection – having developed the world’s first integrated 6P laser cinema projector – it is now optimizing its laser illumination technology for live events, projection mapping, fixed installation, large venue, simulation, corporate AV and other applications and markets.
“Based on our success with ultra-bright laser projectors for big screen cinema, we are adapting our laser technology to create new solutions that better fit the rental and staging model,” comments Patrick Lee,
Vice President Entertainment and Corporate for Barco. “Our latest laser phosphor projector is just the first of many laser-illuminated ProAV projectors on the horizon, and part of an expanding product line soon to offer a laser projection solution for every application.”
Bill Beck, “The Laser Guy” for Barco, joins a panel discussion at the Rental Staging Roadshow to share insights on laser technology, large venue projection, and Barco’s latest contributions to the rental and staging industry. During his presentation, Bill will explain the benefits and challenges of laser illumination in the context of several emerging large venue applications and what Barco is doing to address them.
“While lamps are still the preferred light source for rental and staging applications from a cost/ performance standpoint, Barco’s laser technology platforms are being adapted for high performance, large venue applications,” comments Beck. “As laser technology develops over the next few years, we will see significant reductions made in projector weight, size and cost, which will make laser the optimal illumination solution for all applications,” continues Beck.

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