Aeon Cinema Introduces Japan’s First Anti-virus System for Cinemas

AEON Entertainment will introduce “Train Triple Air Shield”, a virus counter measure system for large-scale air conditioning exclusively for cinemas, on all 10 screens of AEON Cinema Makuhari Shintoshin. Train Triple Air Shield is Japan’s first large-scale air-conditioning antivirus system for cinemas by train, an air-conditioning manufacturer with a high market share in domestic movie theatres. In preparation for the release of the new movie during the summer vacation, in addition to providing safe ventilation through the current air conditioning in the theatre, it has decided to introduce it as a further infection prevention measure so that visitors can visit the museum with greater peace of mind.

Large air conditioner for trains installed on the roof of the theatre Rooftop Installed inside the air conditioner. The high-efficiency dust collection filter “MERV13” removes minute dust from the outside air that has been taken in. Furthermore, the oxidative detoxification effect of the photo catalyst and the irradiation decomposition effect of ultraviolet rays decompose and detoxify micro-organisms (bacteria and viruses), and also decompose volatile organic compounds to clean the air. It is said that it will continue to supply cleaner and more comfortable air to the building through the fan unit. At AEON Entertainment, we have introduced an “automatic temperature measurement system” that uses AI technology and an infrared camera to all theatres, and establish the “AEON Entertainment New Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention Protocol” under the supervision of external experts.

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